The Royal Collections Trust and King’s College London have agreed, on behalf of the Georgian Papers Programme, to work with a TV production team who are making a documentary for the BBC on George III and the Georgian period due to be broadcast in late 2016/early 2017. While the programme makers have an outline of the documentary, they are also planning to feature academic findings from the Georgian Papers Programme.

The Steering Committee have agreed to share-under embargo- research from the Georgian Papers Programme with the programme makers to allow them to select the most appropriate research to include in the television programme. This will be reviewed on a monthly basis and the programme makers will be in touch with academics should they wish to follow up. As part of this, the GPP Steering Committee also ask that any publicity for any your work selected for the documentary does not commence until after the documentary is broadcast on television.

Please note that this will include, but may not be restricted to, blog entries, proposed articles or stories to the media and events at which media may attend and/or cover. Should the BBC programme makers wish to use part or all of your research to include in the programme, you may be asked to amend your blog entries to allow for the BBC programme makers’ requests to prevent publicity prior to the programme being broadcast. To prevent any delay in your work, however, please rest assured that this should not impact on your research.

The programme makers have assured us that while they cannot guarantee to include all the material from the Georgian Papers Programme that they select to include in the programme, it should include a large amount. If you have any queries, or need any advice, please feel free to contact your own press office or the press office at King’s College London.