Meet the Team

The Georgian Papers Programme is a partnership between Royal Collection Trust and King’s College London and is joined by primary United States partners the Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture and William & Mary. Other key U.S. institutions participating in the GPP include the Library of Congress, Mount Vernon and the Sons of the American Revolution.

The Team

Programme Leads

Arthur Burns, King's College London, Programme Academic Director

Samantha Callaghan, King’s College London, Metadata, Collaborative Workspace & Websites

Deborah Cornell, William & Mary, Transcription

Julie Crocker, Royal Archives, Digitisation & Metadata

Sarah Davis, Royal Collection Trust, Communications & Development

Shawn A. Holl, Omohundro Institute, Communications & Development

Patricia Methven, King's College London, GPP Programme Manager

Angel-Luke O'Donnell, King's College London, GPP Fellows Liaison

James Smithies, King's Digital Lab, Collaborative Workspace

Bill Stockting, Royal Archives,  GPP Programme Manager 

Oliver Walton, Royal Archives, GPP Programme Coordinator

Karin WulfOmohundro Institute, Programme Academic Director