Meet the Team

The Georgian Papers Programme is a partnership between Royal Collection Trust and King’s College London and is joined by primary United States partners the Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture and William & Mary. Other key U.S. institutions participating in the GPP include the Library of Congress, Mount Vernon and the Sons of the American Revolution.

The Team

Programme Leads

Arthur Burns, King's College London, Programme Academic Director

Samantha Callaghan, King’s College London, Metadata, Collaborative Workspace & Websites

Deborah Cornell, William & Mary, Transcription

Julie Crocker, Royal Archives, Digitisation & Metadata

Sarah Davis, Royal Collection Trust, Communications & Development

Shawn A. Holl, Omohundro Institute, Communications & Development

Patricia Methven, King's College London, GPP Programme Manager

Angel-Luke O'Donnell, King's College London, GPP Fellows Liaison

James Smithies, King's Digital Lab, Collaborative Workspace

Bill Stockting, Royal Archives,  GPP Programme Manager 

Oliver Walton, Royal Archives, GPP Programme Coordinator

Karin WulfOmohundro Institute, Programme Academic Director

We record here all those who have undertaken research in the Georgian Papers under the auspices of the Programme, who have contributed interpretations or contextualization to its work, or who have used it in teaching.

In the list that follows contributions are denoted by:

*  Individual contributed material to the Georgian Papers Websites
#  Individual spoke at an event about their research
Individual published research undertaken in the programme
+ Individual curated/supported virtual exhibition





Arthur Burns, King’s College London *#+
Karin Wulf, Omohundro Institute *#+


Sons of the American Revolution Visiting Professorship at King’s College London

David Armitage, Harvard, 2019 #
Kate Carté, Southern Methodist University, 2018 #
David Hancock, University of Michigan, 2020 #
Andrew O’Shaughnessy, Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies and the University of Virginia, 2016 *#Ω
Gabriel Paquette, Johns Hopkins University, 2017 *#Ω


Mount Vernon Georgian Papers Fellowship at King’s College London

Zara Anishanslin, University of Delaware, 2018#
Flora Fraser, Independent Scholar, 2017*#Ω
Bruce A. Ragsdale, Independent Scholar, 2016#

British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies King’s College London Georgian Papers Fellowship

Hillary Burlock, Queen Mary University of London, 2019#

Omohundro Institute Georgian Paper Fellowships

James Ambuske, University of Virginia, 2015*#
Rick Atkinson, Independent Scholar, 2016*Ω
Rachel Banke, University of Notre Dame, 2016*#
Andrew Beaumont, University of Oxford, 2016#
Professor Vincent Carretta, University of Maryland, 2015*#
Christian Crouch, Bard College, 2019#
Robyn Davis, Millersville University, 2017#
Nicholas Foretek, University of Pennsylvania, 2018#
Cassandra Good, University of Mary Washington, 2018*#
Nate Holly, William & Mary, 2017*#
Cindy Kierner, George Mason University, 2016*#Ω
Meghan Kobza, University of Newcastle, 2018#
Miriam Liebman, The Graduate Center, CUNY, 2019#
Ann Little, Colorado State University, 2017#
Andrew Maginn, Howard University, 2019#
Brooke Newman, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2017*#
Peter Olsen-Harbich, William & Mary, 2018*#
Robert Paulett, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, 2017*#
Daniel Robinson, University of Cambridge, 2016
Suzanne Schwarz, University of Worcester, 2016*#
Nancy Siegel, Towson University, 2019#
Peter Walker, Columbia University 2017*
Anya Zilberstein, Concordia University, 2017#

King’s College London Summer Fellowships

Adam Crymble, University of Hertfordshire, 2016#
Huw Davies, King's College London, 2018#
Carolyn Day, Furman University, 2017#
Paige Emerick, University of Leicester, 2019#
Kate Gibson, University of Sheffield, 2018#
Jane Levi, King's College London, 2016#
Alice Marples, King’s College London, 2015*#
Matthew McCormack, University of Northampton, 2019
Felicity Myrone, British Library, 2016#
Madeleine Pelling, University of York, 2017#Ω+
Miranda Reading, King’s College London, 2015#
Daniel Reed, Oxford Brookes, 2015#
Elizabeth Spencer, University of York, 2018#

King’s College London Mount Vernon Fellowships

Jane Levi King’s College London, 2017#
James Fisher King’s College London, 2018*#
Angel Luke O’Donnell, King’s College London 2019*#

King’s College London Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Abigail Arnold, King's College London, 2019
Harrison Cutler, King’s College London, 2016*
Ayesha Hussain, King’s College London, 2016*
Thomas Murray, King’s College London, 2017*
Lloyd Ross, King’s College London, 2016

Library of Congress Digital Fellowship

Charlotte Kostelic, National Digital Stewardship Resident, 2017

Library of Congress Georgian Papers Fellowship at the Kluge Center

Nicola Phillips, Royal Holloway, 2018#


Peter Barber, King’s College London*#
Jenny Buckley, University of York, - White Rose Partnership Doctoral Internship*#+
Justin B Clement, UCLA Davis*
Helen Esfandiary, King’s College London*#
Matthew Head, King’s College London*
Emrys Jones, King’s College London*
Andrew Lambert, King’s College London*#Ω
Anna Maerker, King’s College London *
Jane Mycock, Royal Archives*
Anthony Page, University of Tasmania*
Marie Pellisier, Omohundro Institute*
Michael Rowe, King’s College London*
Emily Sneff, William & Mary*
Andrew Thompson, Queen’s College Cambridge*
Sir Simon Wessely, King’s College London*#


Arthur Burns -- Historical Association (GB) Teacher Fellowship on the Age of Revolutions
Arthur Burns, Oliver Walton and Miranda Reading -- At the Court of King George, King’s College London
Jeff Bibbee, Abigail Arnold and Arthur Burns -- Georgian Papers teaching initiatives with University of North Alabama
Adam Crymble -- University of Hertfordshire
Karin Wulf -- 



HAMILTON AND THE GPP: Arthur Burns, Karin Wulf, Oliver Walton
THE MADNESS OF GEORGE III EXPLORED: Arthur Burns, Karin Wulf, Oliver Walton
ROYAL WOMEN AND HISTORY: Karin Wulf, Madeline Pelling




King's Digital Lab

Dr. Paul Caton, Senior Research Software Analyst

Arianna Ciula, Deputy Director and Senior Research Software Analyst

Miguel Monteiro Vieira, Principal Research Software Engineer

Brian Maher, Senior Research Software Engineer & Systems Administrator

Jamie Norrish, Research Software Engineer, freelance

Tiffany Ong, Research Software UI/UX Designer

Olga Loboda, Research Software UI/UX Designer

Tami BackWilliam & Mary, Director of Communications

Sara Belmont, William & Mary, Web Developer

Andrew Davis, Royal Collection Trust, Communications & Websites

Sarah DonovanOmohundro Institute, GPP Digital Fellow

Martha Howard, Omohundro Institute, Director of Conferences and Communications

Kyla Jardine, King's College London, News & Events Manager

Andrew Westwood, Royal Collection Trust, Head of Online Infrastructure

Kate Heard, Royal Collection Trust, Senior Curator of Prints and Drawings

Emma Stuart, Royal Collection Trust, Senior Curator, Books and Manuscripts

Elodie Duncan-Duplain, Royal Archives, Imaging Technician

Megan Gent, Royal Bindery, Senior Archives Conservator

Laura Hobbs, Royal Archives, Archivist


Former Members

Peter Bogle, Royal Archives, Imaging Technician (GPP), 2015-2019
Rachel Krier, Royal Archives, Archivist (Digistation Projects), 2016-2018
Charlotte Kostelic, Library of Congress, National Digital Stewardship Resident, 2017

Alice Clasper, King's College London, Trusts and Foundations Officer

Shawn Holl, Omohundro Institute, Director of Development

Tom McNeil, King's College London, Head of Trusts & Foundations

Saskia Rogerson, King's College London, Trusts & Foundations Fundraiser

The Georgian Papers Programme is governed by an memorandum of agreement (MOA) among the four partners the Royal Collection Trust and King’s College London, and the primary United States partners, the Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture, and William & Mary.

The programme is structured where, a Programme Steering Committee (PSC) of senior leadership from each organization and Programme managers sets the priorities, and strategy for the programme.

An Academic Steering Committee, Communications & Fundraising Committee, and Operations Board, report to the PSC, and are charged with stewardship the various activities and goals of the programme.


Samantha Callaghan, King's College London, Metadata Analyst

Julie Crocker, Royal Archives, Senior Archivist

Hope Fulton, Royal Archives, Archives Cataloguer

Louise Woof, Royal Archives, Archives Cataloguer (GPP)

Former Members

Peter Bogle, Royal Archives, Imaging Technician (GPP), 2015-2019
James Fisher, King's College London, Metadata Assistant, (2018)
Rachel Gardner, Royal Archives, Archives Cataloguer (GPP), 2017-2018
Roberta Giubilini, Royal Archives, Archives Cataloguer (GPP), 2016-2018
Chris Olver, King's College London, Metadata Analyst, 2015-2017

William & Mary

Sara Belmont, Web Developer

Justin Dalton, Programmer

Transcription Interns
Mark Mulligan, Ph.D. candidate History
Alexandra MacDonald, Ph.D. candidate History
Tabor Chapman, MLS practicum, University of Alabama
Dalia Cruz, W&M Computer Science, Assist. Web Developer


Student Transcription Team
Christian Moore
Dermot Curtin


Former Members

Chris Olver, King's College London, Metadata & Transcription, 2015-2017

Former Student Team Members
Connor Fenton, (2016-17) Katharine Brownfiel, (2018)
Dan Delmonaco, (2016-17) Campbell Baskin, (2018-19)
Emily Zinger, (2016-17) Nadege Lebert, (2018-19)
Lauren Hammet, (2017-18) Erin Turbeville, (2018-19)
Lydia Heaton, (2017-18) Jacob Davidick, (2019)
Amy Trostle, (2017-18)