Transcribe Georgian Papers – Completed

Over the last 5 years, through the enormous efforts of digital volunteers, Transcribe Georgian Papers produced transcription for 23 Georgian Papers Programme collections. We reached the natural end for the crowdsource transcription project, thus on February 28, 2022, the Transcribe Georgian Papers halted all transcription. The Transcribe Georgian Papers website ( remains online and public without the ability to transcribe as William & Mary and King’s College London readies the transcribed documents for their new home with King’s Digital Lab.

We are proud of this programme’s tremendous accomplishments, and are deeply thankful to the volunteers who have worked with us throughout the project.


Transcribers were an integral part of the process to make these documents accessible to a broader audience and facilitate further research and discovery.  Transcriptions not only help make the documents easier to read, but also give researchers greater ability to analyse the content of the texts than if they only existed as images.

Who were our Transcribers?

We welcomed all who are interested to become GPP transcribers! It was not necessary to have experience with transcription nor expertise in the Georgian period of history.  Our crowdsource project called for digital volunteers to engage with, through transcription, these collections of Georgian materials.

Introduction to the Transcription Project

Arthur Burns, Academic Director of the GPP, introduces the transcription project and some of the exciting work and discoveries found in the collections. View the full video series >