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Georgian Papers Programme Websites awarded British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Prize for Digital Resources 2019

                          We are delighted to report that at the 48th annual conference of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, held at St Hugh’s College Oxford 4-6 January 2019, it was announced that the Georgian Papers Programme’s websites had been awarded their prestigious prize… Read More »

The 18th Century Materializes on Stage

By Karin Wulf and Arthur Burns There is so much eighteenth century on view in the much acclaimed Nottingham Playhouse staging of Alan Bennett’s The Madness of  George III.  The Georgian Papers Programme had a wonderful opportunity to host lead actor Mark Gatiss at Windsor Castle to view some of the archival materials selected to… Read More »

Behind the Scenes in the Chapel Royal: The Chapel Royal Memorandum Book

This is a watercolor image of the interior of the Chapel Royal at Whitehall c. 1811. The Chapel Royal at Whitehall was in the former Banqueting House, which was renovated by Sir Christopher Wren after the a 1698 fire. Image courtesy of the British Library.

By Marie Pellissier, Omohundro Institute Apprentice, William & Mary Welcome back to our Georgian Goodies blog series, where we highlight interesting, timely, or just plain nifty documents from the Georgian Papers Programme! What’s so special about the Chapel Royal? That phrase refers not to the building itself, but to the group of people responsible for… Read More »

Carving up the Georgian Papers: Metadata and Subject Indexing

By James Fisher, Metadata Assistant for the Georgian Papers Programme at King’s College London. Over the past few months I have been compiling lists of subject headings for indexing the Georgian Papers. This is not nearly as straightforward as it might sound. It requires a detailed knowledge of the papers themselves, a broad awareness of… Read More »

Gender and the Georgian Papers

Samantha Callaghan, Metadata Analyst, King’s Digital Laboratory What information do we need to know about someone so that we are easily able to tell them apart from someone else if they were described to us? Name, age, where they were born? If both people have the same name, for example, J. Smith, and suppose they… Read More »

Creating the Georgian Archive

by Karin Wulf Out of the Royal Archives, high up in the Round Tower at Windsor Castle, the Georgian Papers Programme is bringing to digital life an extraordinary Georgian collection.  The Georgian Papers are a marvelously rich mix of different types of documents, including letters, account books, menus, and more.  As we hear at gatherings… Read More »