All Georgian Papers Programme Fellows from 2015-present


King’s College London Summer Fellowship



       Mary Lousie O’Donnell (Harpist/musicologist) – The politics and pageantry of George IV’s visit to Ireland in 1821′

       Stephanie Howard Smith (University of York) – The Queen’s Dog Physician: Canine Care in the Georgian Court’


       Paige Emerick (University of Leicester) – Royal visits within Britain

       Matthew McCormack (University of Northampton) – Shoes and buckles at the Georgian court


       Huw Davies (King’s College London) – Military command in Britain and America

Kate Gibson (University of Sheffield) – William IV and the experiences of illegitimate children in England between 1660 and 1834

Elizabeth Spencer (University of York) – Royal women and accounting


Madeleine Pelling (University of York) – “Your Affectionate Friend”: Queen Charlotte, Mary Delany and the Art of Friendship

Carolyn Day (Furman University) – Uncovering the Invalid: The Social, Medical, and Personal Responses to the Illness of Princess Amelia (1783-1810)


Jane Levi (King’s College London) – Food & Family Values: From Farm to Table in the Georges’ Households, 1760-1820

Felicity Myrone (British Library) – The topographical map collection of George III

Daniel Reed (Oxford Brookes) – Royal ecclesiastical patronage, bishops of the Northern province who held roles at Court and the Privy Council between 1714-1760

Adam Crymble (University of Hertfordshire) – Digitising a 227-year-old Dinner – a ‘big data’ approach to the dinner that George III ate with his wife on 6 February 1789


Miranda Reading (King’s College London) – Conservative Thought and Ideas of Moral Reform 1780-1832

Dr Alice Marples (King’s College London) – Collecting and Correspondence in the Papers of Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753). Read about Alice’s research from the Royal Archives: ‘The Princess and the Physicians’.


British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies/King’s College London Georgian Papers Programme Fellowships



Lorna Clark (Carleton University) – Frances Burney in the Royal Household, 1786–91


Brianna Robertson-Kirkland (University of Glasgow/ Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) – ‘They could drive me from that profession [and …] take from me the ONLY INCOME I have’: The case of Dorathea Jordan and #SheSaid


        Natalee Garrett (Open University) – Queen Charlotte



         Mary-Jannet Leith (University of Southampton) – The Role of Music in the Georgian Royal Household



       Jonathan Taylor  (University of Surrey) – Princess Charlotte of Wales’s early childhood on Shooter’s Hill and her patronage of the visual arts



Hillary Burlock (Queen Mary University of London) – Politics and social dance at the royal court


Omohundro Institute Georgian Papers Programme Fellowships



John McCurdy (Eastern Michigan University) is researching connections between manhood and military service in Georgian Britain and colonial America.

Allison Stagg (University of London) is researching the role of women within the creation and dissemination of political caricature prints in Europe and America between 1790 and 1820.

Gregory Wiker (University of Rochester) is researching the efforts by enslaved and free black individuals to abolish slavery and achieve equal rights before and after Emancipation in Bermuda.


Christian Crouch (Bard College) – “Queen Victoria’s Captives: The Story of Ambition, Empire, and a Lost Ethiopian Prince”

Miriam Liebman (The Graduate Center, CUNY) –  American diplomats in the Court of St. James at the end of the eighteenth century and the Royal Family’s reaction to their presence.

Andrew Maginn (Howard University)– for work related to his dissertation in progress on the Georgian monarch’s understandings of Haiti and the Haitian revolution.

Nancy Siegel (Towson University)– for work related to an exhibition in development for which she is lead curator, “Curious Taste: The Appeal of Transatlantic Satire”


Cassandra Good (University of Mary Washington) –   the effects of George III’s public presentation of his family on George Washington’s ideas of family

Meghan Kobza (University of Newcastle) – Social and economic history of the eighteenth-century London masquerade

Nicholas Foretek (University of Pennsylvania)the power of printers in Britain during the second half of the eighteenth century and early nineteenth century

Peter Olsen-Harbich (William & Mary)– early modern Native-European relationships and how they were informed by indigenous political economy


Ann Little (Colorado State University) – The Bosom of the Republic: Women and Citizenship in the Early U.S. Republic, 1760-1830

David Hancock (University of Michigan) – Cosmopolitanism and William Petty-Fitzmaurice, 2nd Earl of Shelburne and 1st Marquis of Lansdowne (1737-1805)

Peter Walker (Columbia University) – The Church Militant: The American Émigré Clergy and the Making of the British Counterrevolution, 1763-92

Anya Zilberstein (Concordia University) – Georgian Natural History at Home and Abroad

Robyn Davis (Millersville University) – Science in the American Style, 1680 – 1820: Ideas, Observation, and Imagination in the Shaping of a New Nation

Brooke Newman (Virginia Commonwealth University) – Subjects of the Crown: Slavery, Emancipation, and the British Monarchy, 1760-1840

Robert Paulett (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville) – British Policy in 1762-4 and the Idea of a Beautiful America

Nate Holly (William & Mary) – Cherokee as urban and transatlantic actors


Rick Atkinson (Independent Scholar) – The early years of the War of American Independence

Rachel Banke (University of Notre Dame) – The political ideas and colonial schemes of Lord Bute

Andrew Beaumont (University of Oxford) – Lord North, first minister, 1771-1783, and his working patron-client relationship with George III

Daniel Robinson (University of Cambridge) – European Geopolitics and British Foreign Policy in the Politics and Culture of Pre-Revolutionary America, c. 1713-1776

Suzanne Schwarz (University of Worcester) – Monarchy, Empire and Colonisation in West Africa, c. 1780-1820

Cindy Kierner (George Mason University) – Inventing Disaster: The Culture of Calamity from Jamestown to Johnstown


Professor Vincent Carretta (University of Maryland) – Authors of African Descent and the Georgian Court

James Ambuske (University of Virginia) – The Imperial Politics of Scottish Emigration to Revolutionary America, 1763-1803


Mount Vernon Georgian Papers Programme Fellowships



         Trent Cole-Jones (Purdue University) – Patrick Henry’s War: The Struggle for Empire in the Revolutionary West


Zara Anishanslin (University of Delaware) – Material Culture in the Georgians Papers


Flora Fraser (Independent Scholar) – In Search of Flora Macdonald (1722-1790): Her Life in Skye and the Western Isles and, as a Highland Emigrant, during the American Revolution and Lord Nelson of Burnham Thorpe, the Nile and Trafalgar: The Life on Land and at Sea of Horatio, Viscount Nelson (1758-1805)


Bruce A. Ragsdale (Independent Scholar) – George Washington at the Plow: Agriculture and Leadership in the Age of Revolution, comparing the Washington’s agricultural interests with those of George III


Sons of the American Revolution Visiting Professorship at King’s College London



         David Hancock (University of Michigan) – Lord Shelburne


David Armitage (Harvard) –  George III’s engagement with treaties and the law of nations


Kate Carté (Southern Methodist University) – Religion Transformed: Protestants and the American Revolution


Gabriel Paquette (Johns Hopkins University) – Spain’s involvement in the American Revolution


Andrew O’Shaughnessy (Robert H.Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies and the University of Virginia) – America and the British Empire


King’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship



Amy Hill (King’s College London) – Connecting Digital Archives


Abigail Arnold (King’s College London) – Supporting teaching with the Georgian Papers in British and American schools


Thomas Murray (King’s College London) – Georgian Papers Programme: Exploration and Transcription


Harrison Cutler (King’s College London) – Marginalised Indians: Native Americans in the British Archives, 1763 – 1795

Ayesha Hussain (King’s College London) – Beyond the Madness of King George: Reassessing Medicine and Healing at the Hanoverian Court

Lloyd Ross (King’s College London) – The Concept of ‘Internal Police’ in Late Eighteenth-Century Discourse


Library of Congress National Digital Stewardship Resident



Charlotte Kostelic (Library of Congress) – Interoperability between the Georgian Papers and selected early American collections


Library of Congress Georgian Papers Fellowship



Nicola Phillips (Royal Holloway) – Transatlantic Legal Cultures