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Multiple identities in the Georgian period

Samantha Callaghan, Metadata Analyst, King’s Digital Laboratory To support collaborative work on the Georgian Papers, a Collaborative Workspace for the Programme is currently under development by King’s Digital Lab. The Workspace aggregates images, catalogue records and transcriptions and offers additional ways to augment the metadata provided by the Royal Archives. Augmentation is achieved through subject… Read More »

The GPP and Digital Humanities

  On 12 March 2019 the Georgian Papers Programme delivered a seminar in the series run by the Digital History seminar at the Institute of Historical Research in London which was livestreamed on YouTube. Samantha Callaghan, Patricia Methven and Arthur Burns discussed and took questions about the importance of metadata and the plans for developing… Read More »

Sir Lewis Namier’s Additions and Corrections to Sir John Fortescue’s edition of the Correspondence of George III

Among the most important series of papers which the Georgian Papers Programme is digitizing for public access is George III’s official correspondence, otherwise known as the George III calendar and bearing the Catalogue identity GEO/MAIN. This series contains the main series of letters relating to George III’s involvement with the government of his realm as… Read More »

Carving up the Georgian Papers: Metadata and Subject Indexing

By James Fisher, Metadata Assistant for the Georgian Papers Programme at King’s College London. Over the past few months I have been compiling lists of subject headings for indexing the Georgian Papers. This is not nearly as straightforward as it might sound. It requires a detailed knowledge of the papers themselves, a broad awareness of… Read More »

Machine learning of an 18th century hand: transcribing the essays of George III

Chris Olver, Metadata Creator, Georgian Papers Programme, King’s College London One of the major undertakings by King’s College London, Omohundro Institute and William & Mary College is to transcribe the digital records being created at the Royal Archives. The reason behind this focus on transcription by the GPP partners cannot be overstated: transcribed texts can… Read More »

Crowd Sourcing and Georgian Papers Programme

Mark Hedges, Director of Centre for e-Research, King’s College London The GPP is carrying out a programme of digitisation and metadata creation for a variety of documents in the Georgian Papers collections, and although this will improve greatly discovery of and access to these important materials, the information within the documents themselves will still be locked… Read More »

Metadata enrichment through natural language processing

Chris Olver, Metadata Creator, Georgian Papers Programme, King’s College London My role based in King’s College London Archives has been to explore and implement ways of improving accessibility to the Georgian digital records by the Royal Archives. This work has broadly broken down into three distinct work paths: surveying and researching the historical database digital… Read More »