Video: An Audience with the London Hamilton’s George III, Michael Jibson

An Audience with the London Hamilton‘s George III, Michael Jibson, and George III himself at Windsor Castle, 2 October 2018

On 25 September 2018 Michael Jibson, the award-winning actor who portrays King George III in the London production of Hamilton, was invited to visit the Royal Library at Windsor Castle to see a selection of the remarkable collection of documents held by the Royal Archives that relate to King George III.

This was made possible as part of the Georgian Papers Programme (GPP), a partnership between the Royal Archives and King’s College London, joined by primary U.S. partners the Omohundro Institute and William & Mary, who are working together to make the Georgian Papers held in the Round Tower at Windsor Castle available to a worldwide audience in digital form.

In this exhibition created for Mike, the GPP linked Hamilton’s and the programme’s perspectives by organising the exhibits around the themes highlighted in the three songs he/George sings in the show: ‘You’ll be back!’, ‘What comes next?’ and ‘I know him’, as well as the one crucial line which features in all three songs which speaks to the wider perspective: ‘Oceans rise, Empires Fall’.

See the virtual version of the Exhibition Mike saw.

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