Be a GPP Transcriber — Transcribe Georgian Papers launches!

Today the Georgian Papers Programme announces the public launch of our transcription website, Transcribe Georgian Papers.

We welcome all who are interested to become GPP transcribers! It is not necessary to have experience with transcription nor expertise in the Georgian period of history.  Transcribe Georgian Papers is a crowdsource project that seeks digital volunteers to engage with, through transcription, the Georgian Papers materials.

How the process works

Transcription process How It Works image

The process has three stages:

  1. A volunteer selects a document to transcript. When that volunteer decides they’ve finished transcribing the document, they submit it for review.
  2. A different volunteer can review the transcription and make edits to the transcription if necessary, and mark the document fully transcribed.
  3. Once marked fully transcribed, the finished transcript is sent to William & Mary Libraries where it will be given a second review, and then the transcript will be made available for use or undergo additional work.

How do you tell when to transcribe or review a document?

Look for these color progress bars:

transcription document stages

Ready to begin?

It’s simple to be a GPP transcriber.

Create an account at Transcribe Georgian Papers.

Transcribe Georgian Papers Guides you will find easy to follow instructions and guidelines.

Transcribe Georgian Papers Start Here screen shot

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