The total value of the fellowship is £1,000. Candidates will be required to submit receipts for relevant expenses directly contributing to the research (travel, subsistence, accommodation, research costs), within 12 months of the commencement of the award.

Eligibility criteria


Eligibility criteria

 The project

  1. The project to be supported must draw on the resources of the Georgian Papers Programme, but need not be exclusively based on them; indeed projects exploring themes connecting this archive with others, and to collections of material and visual culture are actively encouraged.
  2. The fellowship is open to candidates from the full range of disciplines covered by BSECS.
  3. In the context of the Covid pandemic, we are unable to guarantee access to the physical archive and undigitized documents at Windsor Castle, as the Royal Archives are currently closed, and it is unclear when and under what conditions they will reopen. We will be unable to guarantee Fellows priority of access at this point. We consequently strongly encourage applications making use of the digital resources produced by the project. (See the catalogue at There will be additional papers being digitized in 2020-1 which we may be able to make available to researchers. Any researcher who cannot identify documents relevant to their project in the online catalogue, but is aware that they are within the Georgian Papers collection, is encouraged to contact the academic director for guidance as to whether their digital publication is imminent.
  4. For some indication of the range of projects that the papers can support, see the list of previous successful applications to project fellowship schemes:


  1. Applications are welcomed from researchers at any stage of an academic career from PhD students and beyond.
  2. Applications are also welcome from researchers who can demonstrate equivalent research experience without a formal academic qualification.
  3. Applicants must be members of BSECS or any other ISECS affiliate society.
  4. Applications are not limited to British/EEA nationals, but applicants from elsewhere must be able to demonstrate that they are in a position to acquire appropriate work/study visas as necessary. Applicants should consult the current visa regulations before applying, to ensure eligibility. These can be found at:

Should it become possible for researchers to access the physical collections at Windsor, those seeking such access will be required also to comply with the standard security procedures for access to the Queen’s Private Apartments.

Expectations of the successful fellow

Fellows will be joining a community of more than 50 other scholars who have now held fellowships of various kinds over the past five years of the Programme (for the full list see In addition we have a network of more than 400 following the project in the King’s Friends Network. As cataloguing and research are proceeding in parallel, the findings of our fellows are of vital importance to the Archives team, and to the Digital Humanists creating metadata and overseeing transcription for searchability. We would therefore expect the successful candidate to:

  1. present their research project at one of the GPP coffee mornings held at King’s College London/online in which our researchers share their objectives and plans with the GPP community
  2. consider presenting their research once more advanced at a GPP panel at suitable conferences/workshops
  3. consider presenting their research at a BSECS or ISECS conference
  4. share the knowledge they gain of the archive with the Royal Archives
  5. alert the academic directors to any potentially significant findings that might be of interest to other researchers
  6. write a blog or curate a virtual exhibition about their research for publication on the GPP website
  7. share any full transcriptions of documents that they make in the course of their research with the GPP team to contribute to the transcription of the archive
  8. acknowledge the fellowship in any future publications drawing on the research it enabled, and inform the GPP of their appearance.
  9. abide by the standard rules of access and reuse associated with access to the Royal Archives, including security procedures for access to the Research Room.

Applicants are required to submit:

  • a current CV
  • a statement of max. 1,000 words outlining the proposed research and its relation to the Georgian Papers

No references are required.

Applications should be sent to with subject line ‘BSECS/GPP fellowship’.

The successful candidate is required to take up and complete the fellowship within 12 months from the date of the award. For enquiries relating to a proposal, please contact Professor Arthur Burns, academic director of the Georgian Papers Programme.


CLOSING DATE: 17 January 2021