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  •   A new online exhibition has been mounted, curated by Madeleine Pelling and Karin Wulf, exploring evidence in the Georgian papers for the engagement with history and historical writing of women both from the royal family and the court. Explore it here.

  • By Tom Murray, King’s Undergraduate Research Fellow, King’s College London I was introduced to transcription as part of the Georgian Papers Programme (GPP), and as such my transcribing experience is decidedly Georgian. Having transcribed a number of documents for the GPP, however, the value of transcription for historians has become manifest. Admittedly, there remains nothing […]

  • Dr Angel Luke O’Donnell, Teaching Fellow in North American History, King’s College London Jump to Essay Transcription & Images The ‘America is Lost!’ piece was a short essay written by George III reviewing the causes and effects of the American Revolution. It potentially provides a fascinating insight into the thoughts of King George about the […]

  • Dr Emrys Jones, Lecturer in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture, King’s College London Jump to Essay Transcription & Images It may be stating the obvious to point out that what was understood as constituting ‘public opinion’ in the eighteenth century bears little resemblance to the culture of opinion polls and click rates that often accompanies the […]

  • Professor Arthur Burns, Vice Dean for Education, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Professor of Modern British History, King’s College London There are few more dramatic incidents in the recent history of the British monarchy than the abdication of Edward VIII on 11 December 1936, not least because the act was captured in such a vivid […]